We do things differently.

Renegade Global Group opened in late 2012, helping some of the world's largest companies acquire and service customers in the New York City Area.

Instead of junk mail, expensive advertising, and annoying telesales, Renegade Global Group reaches out to potential customers with handshakes, friendly faces, and honest answers to win over more long term customers than any other marketing or sales channel.

After having a big year in 2015, with growth across multiple platforms and adding few new clients, we are excited expand on this growth in 2016. We will be expanding our new B2B programs this year. We are also excited to have more opportunities with our existing consumer outreach and event marketing programs.

Our Mission

We do things differently. Being a renegade is a philosophy that goes against the grain, challenges the norms, and creates success and opportunity out of any situation. Whether you are a new company looking to expand your local market reach, a Fortune 500 company that wants a fresh and friendly approach to customer acquisitions and branding, or a job seeker that is excited about working in an environment that appreciates hard work, integrity, and teamwork, we're excited to help you hit your goals!


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